Do you have a presentation to do? Do you plan to create an info-product?

Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Present Your Idea Effectively Using Powerpoint.

Hi,it's Chuck again with another program that I've used for years, Powerpoint.

If you have a proposal to present to your clients, a volunteer group or any other meeting with more than 2 people, and you're on a Windows computer, Powerpoint is your answer.

If you are selling your expertise, or explaining how hot air balloons fly ... then this is a letter you should read.

Do It Like The Pros

What all the top speakers have one thing in common when delivering a message to their audience...

They use Powerpoint.

That’s right.

They use Powerpoint to present their ideas to the public.

They use Powerpoint because it's super easy to use,

is incredibly flexible and makes videos as well as slide show.

Did You Know…

1. PowerPoint was created in 1987, over 30 years ago.

2. Initially developed to work on Macintosh computers. Microsoft decided to acquire PowerPoint the very same year it was developed, they paid $14 million (paltry by today's offers).

3. In 1993, when the public Internet became popular, PowerPoint became part of Microsoft Office.

4. PowerPoint's market share is estimated to be 95% together with that of Microsoft office.

5. Currently, over 500 million people use PowerPoint, with 30 million presentations being created everyday.

6. Over 6 million teachers around the world use PowerPoint for classroom lectures and more than 120 million people use PowerPoint to create business presentations.

7. PowerPoint is now available as an app across all mobile devices.

8. PowerPoint online is a cloud based version of PowerPoint that allows users to create, edit and share PowerPoint presentations no matter where they are in the world. Users can work with others on shared projects, in real-time.

Why You Need To Get Started Now:

Stay on top of your presentations with PowerPoint mobile

PowerPoint online provides the highest level of convenience

Make use of PowerPoint templates in over 40 categories.

Keep your thoughts and ideas organized for a presentation

Keep the attention and engagement of your audience

And that's just some of the reasons to use Powerpoint. So the question is, how well do you know Powerpoint?

Introducing the…

Idea Presentation Software

How To Organize & Present Your
Ideas With Powerpoint

There’s nothing like this video Powerpoint Training series.

Watch as we show you how to get started on Powerpoint and how to use it organize your ideas.

We reveal our best tips for using some unknown tactics that only a few know.

You get to see everything. We explain everything to you.

There is no guesswork.

All you need is an hour of your time and you’ll be ready to get started with more Powerpoint knowledge instantly.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
This Video Training:

How to get started with Powerpoint.

Learn how to use the interface and configure your settings.

Learn how to create your first presentation slide and what are the options to select when doing it.

Learn how to work with Powerpoint templates and backgrounds.

How to quickly and easily work with body text and headlines.

How to create attractive Powerpoint slides that will WOW your audience.

How to use the configuration settings and organize your ideas properly in your slides.

How to insert graphics in your presentation slides and how to make good use of them.

Learn how to clone multiple slides at once to speed up your time.

Learn the different techniques involved in creating presentations like the pros do.

And so much more on a total of 20 videos and 20 audio presentations...

This is an amazing offer,
how much for all this?

Many people that try to figure things out on their own, wasting hours - even days - getting frustrated and still end up with nothing.

That’s because they spin their wheels, follow bad advice, and just don’t get the right roadmap to success.

This 20-video series will prevent that from happening… When you invest in this training today, you watch as I do it… and you replicate it.

It’s THAT simple.

And without wasting too much of your time, I’m going to make this offer so good that you simply can't ignore it.

Today, you can get in at the highly-discounted, one-time investment of just $24.95.

I've been using Powerpoint for 30 years for all my slide presentations and to create video presentations.

Powerpoint has been by my side while running several multi-million dollar companies in both the U.S. and Canada. It's invaluable when trying to get your point across!

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I look forward to helping you get started today. Remember, we've shared great tips inside. Yes, there are 20 videos and 20 audios, each with great ideas and tips to enhance your Powerpoint presentations.

So with that said, I wish you a lot of success ahead.


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